4 Tips to Reduce Screen Time

With school online and zoom calls and texts replacing almost all interactions it’s been hard on our brain and our eyes to be looking at our screens all day. I have been thinking through ways to set healthier habits and stay off my phone for even a few extra minutes here and there.

Alarm Clock

For convenience purposes, I like to set my morning alarm on my phone every night. However, when we wake up to our phones the first thing we do each day is looking at a screen. It’s recommended to stay off your phone for at least 30 minutes after waking up. Recently I switched back to my physical alarm clock and I have noticed a big change. I try to get up and get ready before checking my phone and beginning my day.

Screen Free Meals

It can be challenging to stay off your phone when eating lunch or having a snack but putting your phone down or turning off the tv can be a good way to stay off screens while still doing something. This also can benefit your meals, as eating while being distracted can cause mindless eating and you will be able to enjoy your food more.

Turn Off Your Notifications

The constant dings and notifications make it so hard to keep your phone down or to stop hopping from app to app. It’s unnecessary to get a notification when someone comments on your post or likes your tik-tok. Turning these off in settings make your phone less enticing when you check the time or look to see what your parents texted you.

Call People

My friends know that I prefer calling over texting or FaceTime and leave incredibly lame messages to those who don’t answer. Sorting out a plan or just catching up is easier and more personable when done with the phone to your ear. Calling is still on your phone but you aren’t physically staring at the screen the whole time.


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