5 Days at Camp

I have gone to Chippewa Ranch Camp in Northern Wisconsin for 6 summers and truly would not be who I am without it. I was devastated to find out that my final summer as a camper would be cancelled due to the virus. Like other camps across the country, Chippewa is renting out cabins in a family-camp model to those who want to be up at camp for even a little this summer. My amazing parents and my summer sisters immediately organized a trip for us to be up at camp for one 5-day session in the cabin we were supposed to call home this summer. It was the happiest I have been in months.


We spent the majority of the time at camp out on the lake. Each group was given a skiing/tubing time daily. It was crazy how long we were able to tube and how many turns we were given while skiing with such little people at camp. We sat on the water-trampoline for hours a day listening to music, tanning, and chatting with one another. We got to sail out into the middle of the lake and swim around out there which we would never be able to do at regular camp. We would sit on the dock after dinner during sunset. We also hung out on land, playing tramp ball, newcomb, and relaxing on our porch.


Nights at camp are magical as they turn from colorful sunsets over the lake to bright stars above the North field. Lucky for us that other age groups were at camp the same time we were, we all got together to organize our own “evening activities.” We played tan and white capture the flag one night which was incredibly energetic. The second-year JC’s organized a campfire where we sang, laughed and shed a few happy tears. We had a lipsync where my cabin performed a repetitive dance to “Never Say Never” by Justin Bieber. Afterwards, if we didn’t run out for ice cream, we would sit on the porch all night talking about life, catching up with counselors, and appreciating our day. We slept soundly in our camp beds.

Eagle River Eats

This experience was unique in the sense that along with the camp food we got to visit all of our favorite North Woods eateries.

Red Canoe

As a camper, seeing the staff come back with their red canoe coffees and smoothies always made me a bit envious. The sandwiches here are incredible. My favorites are the morning panini and the red canoe. The iced latte is so creamy and amazing.


Chippy girls see Cathy’s as a place of happiness. With visits after winning lipsync, color wars, and just an all-camp trip for fun, Cathy’s is filled with good vibes. My go-to flavor is pirates booty, a caramel ice cream with m&m’s and oreo. I also love jolted cow (coffee ice cream with brownie) and Mississippi mud (mocha ice cream with chocolate) for a double flavored cone.

Kobe Sushi

After weeks without Asian food at camp, Kobe sushi is a town day must-visit. Even just being up there for a few days we had to visit Kobe and enjoy. We play it safe with vegetable rolls and miso soup and the sushi rice is so good.


I’m not an Agawak girl but I have to give props to their go-to ice cream place. I got the “Brownie Briq Mountain” and every bite was delicious.

Although I wish I could have been at camp for 8 weeks this summer, I am so grateful that I got to have this unique experience in the beautiful place that is my second home. I love my camp friends so much and they really are my sisters. I would not be where I am without every hug, smile, word of encouragement, and laugh they have given me for the past 7 years. I am forever a Chippewa girl.


2 thoughts on “5 Days at Camp

  1. This was beautiful it was from the heart
    It’s lovely to see how u and your friends love and miss the camp environment
    Glad you had this opportunity
    There will be a next year β€οΈπŸ™Gpa


  2. So happy to see u had an amazing 5 days at ur second home!!!
    U have made such beautiful memories that u will remember for the rest of ur life.
    U r so creative in ur written. I enjoyed reading all of them. βŒβ€οΈβŒβ€οΈπŸ˜˜πŸ™πŸ‘πŸ‘


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