Why Does Everyone Love SoundCloud?

While most teens regularly use Apple Music and Spotify to stream music daily, most have SoundCloud on their phone for an occasional browse. Lately, more and more teens are switching to SoundCloud premium and are leaving their more conventional listening services behind. SoundCloud is the youtube for audio, anyone can upload what they want forContinue reading “Why Does Everyone Love SoundCloud?”

Instagram Is A Highlight Reel

I promised myself when I created this platform that I would share authentic content that I think other teenagers should hear. During this dull time as I scroll through my Instagram looking at all of my favorite accounts, I noticed a sense of jealousy had slipped away. Other than the occasional yummy looking banana breadContinue reading “Instagram Is A Highlight Reel”

Fun & Free At Home Workouts

The desire to stay under the covers and in your sweats is almost all-consuming these days, but to counter the quarantine diet it is important to do the occasional workout. I’ve put together a list of awesome workouts that are actually enjoyable and aren’t just sitting doing ab workouts on a mat. Although staying healthyContinue reading “Fun & Free At Home Workouts”

10 Movies to Watch in Quarantine

Booksmart Many of us go through high school for college. Honestly, I’m incredibly guilty of it myself. This movie reminds you that balance is key. Work hard and study but allow yourself to have tons of fun too! The Karate Kid The original 1984 one that is. As much I love little Jaden Smith, theContinue reading “10 Movies to Watch in Quarantine”