“I’m thinking of you” is a warm blanket

I had a shitty day today. I guess the stress of my grade leading up to Nov. 1st has gotten to me. Tensions are high and even if I feel good about everything, being in that environment has bled into my mood. Nonetheless, tonight before I got into bed, I sat to reflect about 3 things that sparked joy today — a typical part of my routine. I know, I sound awfully pretentious. But, It’s true! On my list, along with lovely car time with Hazel at Model United Nations and actually understanding my math homework, there was a text I received from my long-distance friend Lauren.
Lauren and I met at camp when we were younger but we really clicked her last summer going there. Since 2019, we’ve only gotten to see each other once or twice a year, and usually for no longer than a meal or two. And while we merely comment on each other’s Be-Reals and have an occasional lengthy call, I feel so connected to Lauren as a true friend. I know that she is constantly rooting for me and that the next time I’m in Los Angeles or she’s in Chicago and we get in the car together, it will feel like no time has passed.
Today, Lauren sent me a song on Spotify and said “I feel like you’d vibe with this song.” Seeing this was a breath of fresh air on a suffocating day. It was almost therapeutic to hear from Lauren and to know that she was thinking of me. We both have a lot going on right now with college applications and extracurricular pursuits and we don’t currently have plans to see each other in the near future. However, it was a nice reminder that someone I adore and admire is thinking of me. A reminder that I have so much love in my life.
Lauren and I have gotten good at the whole digital love language thing, the same way I have with a lot of my friends who are in college or even live one town over. As I get older, my definition of a good friendship changes. We are all so busy, and sometimes it can be daunting and even stressful to pick up the phone and catch up with a friend. “They don’t know anything about the people in this story” or “they wouldn’t understand this school tradition.” But the occasional “this made me think of you” text, random FaceTime, Tik Tok tag, or even voicemail (yeah I still leave voicemails :/) goes a long way in maintaining the friendships worth keeping in your life — the friendships that feel like no time has passed when you are together.
I try to do this as much as possible, and it’s totally organic. I find I am constantly thinking about the people I love. The vulnerable and the challenging part comes with letting them know. But it’s not that hard. And it goes a long way.
So to Lauren, I love you, and I loved the song. And to all my other friends who check in and send me love digitally, I appreciate you. The reminders of your love brighten my days.
Text your friends no matter how long it has been, I promise they will be happy to hear from you. 🙂


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