Holocaust Remembrance Day

Yom HaShoah, Israel’s annual Holocaust Remembrance Day, begins on the evening of April 7th. A day where we mourn the six million lives lost, and pledge to never forget the atrocities of the Holocaust. As a descendent of Holocaust survivors, it is my duty to stand up and ensure that the Holocaust is never forgotten and never repeated. Since I was in 8th grade, I’ve been a member of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Teen Committee. In the past few years, we have planned multiple events and programs to educate Illinois teens about the Holocaust and genocide prevention as a whole. Due to COVID-19 limitations, this year we will be hosting an April online fundraiser as well as an exciting virtual event. The Zoom event will take place on Sunday, April 18th from 1-2 pm CST, if you are interested in attending please email me at theyoungadultcontact@gmail.com – all are welcome. The money raised in our fundraiser goes directly to the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC. Visiting this museum with my classmates on our 8th grade trip to Washington DC was incredibly eyeopening and impactful, as it surely is for the millions of visitors each year. If you want to contribute to our fundraiser and help me reach my goal please visit https://give.ushmm.org/fundraiser/3177270

Blogging With A Purpose

You might have noticed something new when visiting theyoungadult today, Ads! I have decided to monetize my blog to create tangible change in my community and the world. 100% of all money made on theyoungadult will be donated to organizations that I am a part of and feel passionate about. I’m so excited to help others by doing something I love. All earnings on this post will be donated to the US Holocaust Memorial Museum through our April fundraiser. If you cannot donate directly, please share this post with others to create revenue and spread the importance of Holocaust Remembrance Day.


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