A Summer Outside

This summer, plans with friends shifted from cold basements to beautiful backyards. With the pandemic, being outside was the safest way for friends and family to gather. While there may have been some inconveniences to keeping outside, the change of scenery and inclusion of nature to my relationships had a positive effect on my summer and I’m sure others.

Instead of everyone spread out among different rooms and areas inside a house, we all would sit around the fire pit together. This comfortable environment led to some amazing conversations, bonds, and growth. We would go for walks if we were bored and got creative with ways to keep busy away from TVs and activities indoors. We got to watch the sunset above us every-night and sometimes wake up to sit at the beach for sunrise. I enjoyed and appreciated the outdoors more than ever before and saw its positive effects on my relationships and mental health.

Nature Is Beautiful

Nature is Beautiful is a lifestyle brand, focused on promoting a deep and intimate relationship with our natural world. They believe in “ACEing Nature” a practice that I felt especially connected to this summer with all of my time spent outside. First, we must Admire the beauty that surrounds us. Then Connect with the forces that govern us, and finally Explore the mysteries that captivate us. An experience that clears our mind of anxiety and despair and in my case, left me with gratitude and love for myself and the friends and family I was so lucky to be spending time with within nature at that moment.

I gravitated towards Nature is Beautiful’s missions when I read about their commitment to donating a portion of sales to charity, specifically, causes supporting mental health awareness. You can shop Nature is Beautiful apparel at natureisbeautiful.com

I encourage everyone to make this wonderful connection with nature and reflect on their summers outdoors and how that time positively affected your relationship with yourself and others, and appreciate just how lovely it was.


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