Ways to Motivate Yourself for the School Year

With school starting online, and not much else going on it’s been really hard to motivate myself to do things that excited me before. Here are some apps I use to get myself organized and excited.

Google Keep

I use google keep all the time to keep myself organized. I have a list for class’s and extracurricular’s, day to day work, things to buy, movies to watch, and books to read. I color code them and then check each item off when I’ve finished it. It’s super rewarding to complete a list and they help me to keep things in order. You can pair Google Keep with your school email to make it part of your google drive to have it on your computer and as an app.


I use the WOOP app to set health, professional, and interpersonal goals for myself. WOOP is a four-step process to start working at a goal. You WISH for what you want, visualize the OUTCOME, think of possible OBSTACLES, make a PLAN. You can track your progress on the app and complete your goals big and small.


My friend Elliana introduced me to Motivation. It sends me 10 notifications daily of inspiring quotes to keep me motivated. I can save ones that resonate with me on the app. It’s nice to open your phone and read positive things.


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