Disposable Camera Craze

You’ve seen them all over your feed for months. People took them on vacations, had them at their birthday parties, and documented their summers with the plastic camera. Why do people pay to wait for pictures that are most of the time dark and grainy?

I’ve brought disposables on winter break, weekend trips, and other special getaways this year and something keeps me buying more. Something is exciting about taking a picture and capturing a moment then waiting days to see it. You can’t take 100 pictures until you get the right angle or lighting. The anticipation of going to pick up the developed pictures and then go through them is an adrenaline rush. It seems stupid, but having in the moment memories in in print in your hand is really cool. But, I must admit, it can be disappointing to find the inevitable dark shots or one with a thumb in it.

Disposables can be pricey and aren’t great for the environment. My friend Trina uses a digital camera to capture the same effect, except her pictures almost always turn out well and can be uploaded digitally at home. I’ve seen Trina with her camera in hand all summer and decided to ask her some questions about it.

From the response it seems that she loves carrying the camera because the pictures are cool and give off an old school vibe. It’s fun for her to take pictures of her friends because she loves them and it captures candid memories. When Trina gets her photos on her phone she always sends them to the people in the photo. Similarly, when I share my disposable pictures, people are really appreciative to have these awesome photos on their phones and sometimes even post them.

With the ability to take pictures and videos all the time, we lose appreciation for the little moments we capture. I treasure every picture I took on a disposable camera and all digital pictures sent to me because they are extra special.


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