Instagram Is A Highlight Reel

I promised myself when I created this platform that I would share authentic content that I think other teenagers should hear. During this dull time as I scroll through my Instagram looking at all of my favorite accounts, I noticed a sense of jealousy had slipped away. Other than the occasional yummy looking banana bread or sunny weather picture, I don’t envy anyone as I typically do.

This got me to thinking about my pre-corona feed. Sitting and watching those I follow travel to my dream destination or fall in love creates a false sense of reality. I am very fortunate to live in the way I do and can honestly admit that even my own Instagram account showcases only positive moments. I constantly have to remind myself that people put onto the internet only what they desire. Just because someone is running around Italy in couture does not mean they have it all together. The highlight reel portrays the idea that Instagram is a way of showcasing the best parts of one’s life. This is evident as my feed blows up after homecoming or during winter break. We are trained to share the glamorous parts of our lives. Part of this semi-exposure is what makes Instagram so fun. I can look back on my own and others achievements and incredible memories. Looking back has become a popular past-time for me as I stay at home in which I have developed a sense of jealousy for my own life. This feeling has made me so content and thankful. I hope this serves as a reminder that what you see online whether a celebrity or friend you are looking at just bits and pieces of someone’s existence. I encourage you to unfollow any accounts that repeatedly make you feel insecure or upset and use Instagram in a way that spreads positivity. We should work towards being jealous of our own lives, rather than others.


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