Fun & Free At Home Workouts

The desire to stay under the covers and in your sweats is almost all-consuming these days, but to counter the quarantine diet it is important to do the occasional workout. I’ve put together a list of awesome workouts that are actually enjoyable and aren’t just sitting doing ab workouts on a mat. Although staying healthy is important, working out should not become an added stress at this time, you don’t need to always be productive. It’s okay to take this time to rest.

CLI Studios

@clistudios on Instagram keeps a packed schedule of masterclasses with phenomenal dance teachers. The classes are on Instagram live on the account at the time the schedule indicates. The classes are advanced but you are in the comfort of your own home where nobody is watching. These classes provide awesome cardio for current and retired dancers.

Sculpt Society

There are so many ways to access Sculpt Society content. The first of which is signing up for their 14-day free trial. You can also check @meganroups Instagram for frequent sculpt live classes that stay up for 24 hours. There are also a few classes on youtube if you search up “Sculpt Society” The workouts range from dance cardio to sculpting movements but always are super fun.

Isaac Boots

@isaacboots on Instagram goes live on his account every day at 11 am EST. The lives stay up for 24 hours but he also keeps many on his account permanently as IGTVs. The workout is a ton of targeted repetition and body resistance that burns but feels great. The fun does not come from the workout but rather Isaac and his awesome energy and personality.

CorePower Yoga

“CorePower Yoga” on youtube has youtube lives saved onto their account on demand. They have all their typical classes like sculpt and meditations. An awesome way to relax and break a sweat with knowledgable teachers.

305 Fitness

“305 Fitness” on youtube also has youtube lives saved on demand. 305 fitness is a collection of studios across the country that do awesome dance cardio classes. The classes are full of energy. You might feel a little stupid but it’s important to get into it and remember no one is watching.


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