Travel with Dyl: Osaka

The final city on our wonderful Japan trip was Osaka. We spent one night here. I felt so at home in Osaka and can easily say it was my favorite city we visited. Walking around on New Year’s Eve at night was magical.

Osaka Castle

One of Japans most famous landmarks, Osaka Castle is gorgeous. Due to the holiday, we couldn’t get inside but it was fun to see.

Umeda Sky Building

An amazing viewing point to see the beauty of Osaka and a little bit of Kyoto. It was windy but seeing the sprawling city in the daytime was incredible.

Dotonbori District

This was my favorite place in all of Japan. With its eccentric atmosphere and large illuminated signs, this is what comes to mind when you think of the country. Walking through the crowded street at night was incredible. I danced to music and joined an impromptu circle of people singing in Japanese. The prime Dotonbori street should be the street food capital of the world. So many yummy things, we had to try them all. Here are my favorites.


Simply put, pieces of octopus covered in pancake batter. A hot savory treat. Yum!


A delicious savory pancake, they throw it on a grill in front of you and you divvy it up. This was so delicious. The first Okonomiyaki place in Chicago just opened and I am dying to try it.


A Japanese noodle stir fry I had only heard of because of my good friend Jordyn’s addiction to it at our local Japanese place. The authentic Osaka version resembled it faintly but, the noodles were thicker and full of flavor.

Revolving Sushi

Revolving sushi is all over Japan but there are a ton of little places in Osaka. The labeled sushi moves around on a conveyor belt and more plates are constantly being added. You just take the plates you want to eat and at the end of the meal, they count the plates and charge you from there. A great lunch with a little of everything.

Each city I visited in Japan offered something different. I could not have been more in love with the country, the culture and the people. I am so thankful I was able to take this trip before all the current madness in the world. I am itching to get on a plane soon.


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