Travel with Dyl: Kyoto

Kyoto looked like a Japanese movie set. Kyoto was a more quiet and traditional city. There is no lack of preservation of culture. I often think about those who live in Kyoto. How their lives must be full of such raw traditional influence and what pride that gives them.

Favorite Meals

Sushi Fukagawa Ryuji

Our only omakase meal (the chef decides what he puts in front of you) in Kyoto was eye-opening. Unlike Tokyo, the sushi in Kyoto was artsier with toppings and seasonings. The chef was adorable and so sweet. We ate blowfish here and then later found out only a few chefs were certified to serve it as parts of the fish are poisonous. So poisonous that one blowfish has enough toxins to kill 30 adult humans. So fun!

Gion Mikaku

Benihana in Japan! The most delicious wagyu beef with fried rice and veggies. We were so stuffed and smelly.

Daimaru Food Floor

Located under a luxury department store is a sprawling food court. We liked it so much we went again. A quick lunch where we could get anything under the sun. Fresh pastries, bread, pizza, dumplings, sushi, yakitori, and tons of dessert. My favorite lunches on the whole trip. I love a little taste of everything.

Favorite Snacks

Matcha Swirl

Matcha and vanilla soft serve swirl was to die for. The sweetness of the vanilla with the bitter matcha was perfect. I ate it up quick.


A Japanese sweet bun. The perfect pull-apart snack to get at any market or street stand. You can get them with a scoop of ice cream in the middle as well. So yummy!

Rolled Ice Cream

Rolled Ice Cream started in Asia and it’s obvious they do it best. I got Oreo and it was presented so cute without me having to ask. I was surprised to discover a frosted flake like cereal layer at the bottom of the cup that was so yummy with the then melted ice cream.


Golden Pavilion

A zen buddhist temple with a heavy crowd. The temple shines and reflects beautifully on the water. The photo does not do it justice.

Ginkakuji Temple

Although not silver, it is commonly known as the silver pavilion. With water, a zen garden, and a great view this was a gorgeous place to visit.


Gion is a district in Kyoto that is preserved so wonderfully. Traditional residential and commercial architecture as well as a gorgeous temple towering over it.

Fushimi Inari – taisha Shrine

A shinto shrine where people pray for success in business as well as wealth. With 10,000 red torii gates paid for by individual businesses looking for success. The walk was long but really interesting.

More Fun

Rickshaw Ride

A rickshaw is a two-wheel hooded vehicle pulled by one or more people. Ours was pulled by an awesome driver who went by the name “bananas”. The rickshaw ride was a fun and relaxing way to explore the bamboo forest of Kyoto.

Meeting with Maiko

Geisha, iconic of Kyoto are known for their wit, beauty, and high caliber skills in traditional Japanese arts. Young girls who wish to become geisha must leave home and start their training at fourteen years old to become a Maiko (geisha in training) We got to have a private tea party with a Maiko and learn about her life as she strives to become a Geisha. We also saw her perform a Japanese song and dance. She was adorable and I didn’t want to leave. The way they invest themselves in this from such a young age is incredible.

I loved Kyoto and learned so much about Japanese culture there. Kyoto is Japan in its most real form.


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