10 Movies to Watch in Quarantine


Many of us go through high school for college. Honestly, I’m incredibly guilty of it myself. This movie reminds you that balance is key. Work hard and study but allow yourself to have tons of fun too!

The Karate Kid

The original 1984 one that is. As much I love little Jaden Smith, the original has so much more to offer. Not only is this movie powerful, but it also gives a glimpse into high school life in the ’80s which now seems like a whole different world. A must watch. Mr. Miyagi will become your dream best friend.

Beauty and the Beast

The 2017 live-action version of this movie is enchanting. Although this isn’t considered a movie for teenagers, I think the values this movie instils hold true throughout a lifetime. You will not be bored watching this.

La La Land

The first time I watched this movie I wasn’t so fond of it. After maturing and rewatching I now realize its genius. This movie is fun, makes you think, and leaves you with a boosted mood like no other. Additionally, the music is unparalleled. I have the soundtrack playing almost every time I’m doing homework.


New York City. Truth or dare minus the dare. High school students. This one is biased, as my friends and I adore this movie. It is dramatic, full of action, romantic, and in some ways incredibly relatable. Leaving you to ask yourself, are you a watcher or a player?

Inside Out

I think about this movie an unhealthy amount. Pixar puts the craziness of our minds into a simplistic and fun world for us to understand. Another kid movie that still is relevant in our teenage years.

The Great Gatsby

Nothing encapsulates the roaring twenties like Gatsby. If you are hesitant to watch this, go straight to the trailer. You will be thinking about it for days after. Glamorous and lavish but, raw and sophisticated. This movie will leave you speechless.

The Intern

A young thriving website takes in senior citizen interns. A comical and adorable story that demonstrates wisdom is gained through age. This movie puts me in the best mood.

The Social Network

Jesse Eisenberg plays Mark Zuckerberg in a movie about the creation of Facebook and the enemies made along the way. Facebook changed the internet and watching the idea unfold is fascinating with great acting as well.

Instant Family

Based on a true story, a couple fosters three siblings and tries to gain their love and trust. Have tissues handy. Instant Family will remind you of how lucky you are to have family even if this quarantine with them is driving you crazy.


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