Stuck at Home

Due to the coronavirus, my school (like many others) was just moved online until April 14th. A month in my house all day. In order to keep myself from going stir crazy, I have begun compiling activities to keep my life together. I plan on keeping a routine just so I’m not in bed all day but, teenagers and naps coexist quite well. Here are some things I plan on doing to keep my self busy in a fun but also effective way.

Pack for a Trip You Aren’t Going On

I know this sounds pointless but, it actually can be a lot of fun and have some great benefits. With most spring break plans cancelled, choose the destination of your dreams, the time of year, then come up with a fake little itinerary and begin pulling. Whether you are putting together looks for a winter trip to Paris or a summer in Southhampton you are guaranteed to rediscover old items, realize what is back in style, and find some awesome outfits in your closet to wear at home. Play music while shopping your closet and match your ensemble with appropriate accessories. Additionally, this is a subconscious closet clean-out. You will see things that you can’t believe you still own and realize what you need to calm down on whilst shopping or what you may need more of. Maybe once this all blows over you can book that vacation!

Get Crafty

I am so excited to sit down and reopen my watercolors and rainbow loom kits that I never got rid of! I have been making shrinky dinks for countless hours so far this week and am totally addicted to the elementary feeling of doing arts and crafts. Order some craft kits online or get a carton of crayons and begin playing around. It is so relaxing and will keep you occupied for hours like you are a little kid again.

Organize Your Instagram Saved

I can almost guarantee that you have so much junk as well as so much gold in your Instagram saved. Start from the bottom and work your way up removing things that you no longer understand or need. I’m sure you will find things you never want to lose again or multiple things under one category. I suggest making folders as you go through and placing each post where it belongs. The next time you need to find a recipe or that meme you liked, you’ll be happy you know just where to find it.

Netflix Party with Your Friends

Search up “Netflix Party” and add the chrome extension to your computer. Go on Netflix and pick a movie or episode, click on the NP icon and share the URL with your friends. This allows you to all watch the same thing synched from your own houses. Additionally, there is a chat bar on the side and if one person pauses the whole groups does in order to ensure that everyone stays synched. Movie night with your friends but following all CDC guidelines!

Get Lost on Pinterest

I rediscovered Pinterest about a week ago after hearing about the trend of searching (your name + core + aesthetic). Some images are usually a bit strange but quite a few you come across you will resonate with you instantly and leave you a little freaked out. After logging in again, I remembered that you could find everything under the sun on this website. I began searching my favorite actors, foods, photographers, and destinations and literally got chills looking at the photos and videos that came up. Pinterest is guaranteed to leave you inspired and with a smile. All you need to do is search one thing to get started and keep getting lost among it all.

Wash Your Makeup Brushes

Honestly, I can not tell you the last time I cleaned my makeup brushes. I know. Gross. I’m sure that many people, like me, need to get to work. Brushes are supposed to be cleaned twice a month. Oops. Do yourself a favor and wet the bristles with warm water, put cleanser of choice on a clean hand, wash the brush in your palm, rinse, and dry with a clean towel. While you’re at it throw your retainer in a cleaning solution and switch your toothbrush.

Browse Airbnb

Throw the number of people in your friend group or your family in along with your dream destination or ideal weekend getaway and look at all the places that come up. Browse in your price range or look at homes with crazy prices just for fun. Whether it’s an incredible view or a strange living situation like an igloo or tree house the gems you come across will you make you happy and keep you engaged forever.

Pretend You Have Your Dream Job

Maybe it’s just me but, I constantly wish I lived in a big city where I woke up each day inspired and went to work somewhere I loved. With school online, Set an early alarm, wake up and put on your cutest workout outfit, do some yoga or run on the treadmill, eat a healthy breakfast, take a shower, do your makeup, then put on an outfit that radiates classy, set yourself down at a table in your house with a cup of tea and get to work (school work that is) but, it’s the thought that counts. Seems like a lot but, will for sure be a day of progress and leave you motivated for your future.

Use this time to bond with your family and work on yourself. We have been out all of our lives and if we all vow to stay inside and do our part we will be able to live the rest of our lives outside. Everyone is in the same boat. Stay self-isolated and stay safe!


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