High School Feminist

Happy International Women’s Day! As a female with a group of strong and encouraging girlfriends surrounding me, activism and sharing of opinion would seem like a fairly easy thing to do. Once high school is added to the mix, this changes. High school allows for an energy where judgement is shared freely even about those most respected. This nature fosters insecurity in teens making the external share of opinions limited. Most of my peers are aware of my beliefs of women’s rights and equality and although I don’t take part in many stereotypical acts I would easily consider myself a feminist. When asking my female friends “Would you consider yourself a feminist?” their answers were all along the lines of “I support feminist but I am not one myself.” I am in no way trying to demonstrate that all women must be aligned with feminism or even believe in equality for women. Simply put, I don’t understand how a woman can not want what is best for themselves? In most cases, I would assume this is equal rights. I understand why many like to keep their opinions inside especially after hearing the jokes made about me or my beliefs. Nothing inappropriate or malicious but, usually morally incorrect. For example on many occasions someone will begin speaking about women’s rights with a negative tone and male peers will quickly intrude with “Dylans here, be careful” or “don’t start you’ll wake the bear.” Hearing this makes many keep quiet but for me, it is the reason I continue to share my beliefs and stay passionate about feminism as it is those who make these snobby remarks that need to be educated about female struggle. I will continue to advocate for women and share my ideals on here and through my voice. I am so thankful for all the strong women in my life. I encourage all females to stand up for themselves today. When one woman lifts themselves or another up we all rise together. International Women’s Day is every day!


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